Dear friends!

The Open Beta Test is coming to an end, and we are glad that so many interested people came to us. We have taken feedback from you: solved many issues, received suggestions on how to improve the client and collected wishes.

We are pleased to announce that 🔥 January 12, 2024 at 16:00 CET will be the opening of our server Empyrian x3🔥. We remind you that all characters from the OBT will be removed before the start.

We also present you the first activities on the occasion of server opening:

  • 💥In honor of the opening we will have a contest among referrals💥: every player invited by you and reached level 95 - for you 1 participant ticket in the drawing. The first drawing will take place on January 26 and will be 3 prizes of $100 real cash. _The more active players you have invited, the more chances you have to win a prize.
  • Referral system, which will help newcomers to conquer the game world easier, and invitees to get a nice bonus to buy actual items.
  • [Event] First in everything - players will be able to receive valuable rewards for showing skill in different aspects of the game.

Now let's get to the server aspects:


  • Rates EXP - х3
  • Adena - х1
  • Drop - х3
  • Spoil - х3
  • Quest rates - х3
  • Quests Adena - х1

Premium account

With this account status comes additional features like:

  • Offline Royal Training Camp.
  • Rates increase.
  • Improved vitality bonuses.
  • Additional windows 1 PA - 1 additional window (maximum 3 PA) (windows without premium -3, with PA - 6).

World chat

On the server is available world chat, messages from which are distributed throughout the game world:

  • A player can send three messages to the chat within a day.
  • Chat is available from level 94, for players with a premium account - from level 20.
  • Normal chat is available from level 20.
  • [!] General chat is available from level 84.
  • [+] Trade chat is available from level 84.
  • ["] Private messages are available from level 20.

Additional settings

  • Players with a premium account can use 15 vitality items per week, users without a PA can use 5 items.
  • Vitality gives a 300% bonus on EXP/SP to players with a premium account, 200% to regular accounts.
  • Vitality consumption has been halved.
  • The first sieges will be launched a month after the opening (on Sunday, February 11).
  • The Grand Olympiad is a PvP competition between noble characters for the title of Hero. One cycle of the Olympiad takes a calendar month and lasts from 00.00 on the 1st of the month to 24.00 on the last day of the month. The first battles will take place on February 2.